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What is your return policy?
You have 30 days open purchase when you shop at and can return your order at any time during that period, there is no charge for you to return. We accept returns of purchased products within 30 days of delivery except in the following cases where we either refuse or partially refund:

  • For customized products (e.g. engraved name on the product)
  • Personal hygiene-related items (earbuds, Bluetooth headsets, wired headsets, headphones, etc.) in broken packaging
  • If any of the product components (manual, remote control, cable, etc.) are missing
  • If the product (including components) is damaged after being opened due to the customer's responsibility (damage, flood, etc.), the customer shall be responsible for the reduction in value of the product.

Product refund with a free promotional product

  • If you wish to return a product that was delivered with a free promotional product, all items must be returned for a refund to be issued. If a free promotional product that came with an order is not returned, no refund will be made.
  • If the free promotional product is not returned, Samsung may either refuse the return in full or accept the return, but reduce the amount of the refund by the total price of the accompanying promotional product. As a customer, you cannot simply return a free promotional product.

Refund for discounted package

  • If you want to return a packaged product that was purchased at a discounted price during a promotional period from, all products included in the package must be returned together for a refund to take place.
  • If the product worth more in the package is returned, we will refund so that the full price of the cheaper product is charged.